Habemus Corpus

The body has a unique intelligence that we do not usually access and ignoring this somatic wisdom leads us to a state of disconnection with ourselves.

Our attention is imprisoned to the mental world, which generates anxiety, confusion, and internal conflict in decision-making processes.

It was to provide an experience of reconnection and help those who are feeling disconnected that Habemus Corpus was born: an immersion retreat to remember our ability to listen and honor the feeling of our body.

To reconnect with your somatic intelligence is to rescue the instinctual wisdom that exists in you and the pleasure of inhabiting the body with consciousness.

What the experience includes

During this Reconnection Experience you will be immersed in your body and in nature, staying in a beautiful country house that has access (in the backyard!) to a private waterfall, in addition to an extensive garden, balcony with a privileged view of the mountains and deck overlooking the waterfall.

You will be able to try a variety of activities that focus on cultivating body awareness and movement, such as mindfulness, yoga practices, dynamic meditation and free dance.

It is part of the program to have direct contact with nature through grounding walks, all meals with light and healthy food (vegetarian and/or vegan, with attention to individual restrictions) and waterfall bath to relax.

In addition to body practices and contact with nature, we will do conversation circles and intentional rites that accelerate our processes of transformation and reconnection.

* The schedule may change according to the development of group processes and weather conditions.

house picture
house picture
house picture

The pillars of this experience

To reconnect with somatic intelligence we will go through a journey of self-awareness structured by 4 pillars:

  1. Reconnecting with the body’s natural rhythm
  2. Mindfulness for reconnection with the body’s feeling
  3. Awareness of the relationship and communication with the body
  4. Attitude of care and conscious choice to honor the body

How to participate in this experience

This intimate and immersive encounter in nature will take place from 10/14 (Friday, from 5 pm, with dinner included) to 10/16 (Sunday, closing at 2 pm, with lunch included), in São Francisco Xavier (SP), about 2,5 hours from the city of São Paulo.

There are only 8 spots and registrations are made on a first-come first-served basis with proof of payment.

Registration and Investment

Promotional value for registrations made until 8/30: R$ 1,232.00* (10% discount)

Full value of the retreat for registrations made after 8/30: R$ 1,369.00*

For payments after 8/30 made in cash (by PIX or bank deposit) you get a 5% discount on the full registration value: R$ 1,300.00

* Values ​​can be paid in up to 12 installments on credit card, via Stone.

Credit card payments have an additional 4% fee charged by Stone.

The investment includes the retreat from October 14th to 16th, 2022, with accommodation (in a double or triple room), all vegetarian and/or vegan meals (with breakfast, lunch and dinner, in addition to fruit and teas always available), all experiences, dynamics, and rituals.

Any questions, send a message to email@bridging.love

Who conducts this experience


Joana Franco is a yoga teacher and mindfulness and self-knowledge mentor with over 30 years of experience in meditative practices.

Her yoga training was certified by Yoga Alliance and her training as a mindfulness teacher was through the MMTCP program, certified by UC Berkeley.

Joana has also a Ph.D. in Transformative Learning Design and Sciences from Utah State University, where she researched the development of interest in mindfulness practice.