Free Meditations

4 meditations for you to feel more relaxed, present, and balanced in your day-to-day!

These are free resources for you to start on your journey of transformation. Guided meditations are great tools to begin reconnecting with the essence of who you are. Sign up with your email and receive all these meditation audios for free in your email.

“The mind is definitely something that can be transformed, and meditation is a means to transform it.”

Dalai Lama


This guided meditation will help you connect with a felt sense of your body to create presence and stillness.

meditation 01


This guided meditation will help you connect with your flow of life to let go of attachment and feel acceptance.

meditation 02


This guided meditation will help you explore cultivating lovingkindness and compassion in the body.

meditation 03


This guided meditation will help you play with content awareness and connect with the source of creativity.

meditation 04

About the facilitator

Joana Franco

My purpose is to help people discover their most authentic and free nature and realign themselves with their creative essence to have the autonomy to write their own history and let themselves shine from within. In addition to a PhD in Design of Transformative Learning, I have more than 30 years of practice in meditation and several other modalities of self-discovery. Among my many trainings and supportive tools I have mindfulness (certified by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley), dynamic and interactive meditation, yoga (certified by the Yoga Alliance), somatic breathwork (certified by the SBW), quantum human design (certified by Karen Curry Parker), design thinking, creative arts and shamanic practices.