My Journey

I have more than 30 years of practice with meditation and other contemplative modalities of self-awareness. I have studied with many teachers, learning from transcendental to dynamic meditation, from self-inquiry to mindfulness, from yoga to breathwork, from shamanic practices to human design.

I dedicated my PhD research at Utah State University to study Transformative Learning, developing an online course to introduce mindfulness to higher education students to help them develop interest in their well-being and engage in self-care practices.

I am a certified mindfulness teacher by UC Berkeley through Tara Brach’s and Jack Kornfield’s MMTCP program and I had Jill Satterfield as my direct mentor. I am a certified yoga teacher, somatic breathwork practitioner, and specialist in quantum human design. I am also trained in mindful communication and mindful leadership with a focus on bringing applied mindfulness into the workplace.

A little bit of my history…

I started my professional life in the field of Communications and Design. I graduated in journalism motivated by the ideal of changing the world, but needless to say that did not happen. lol

I started working as a copywriter and web designer at a local agency and soon took on a leadership role, managing teams and projects.

I got a degree in Graphic Design and a master’s in Communications and Techno-Culture, where I studied Interaction Design.

Then, I was invited to teach at a Design College and felt deeply challenged by the process of teaching and, consequently, being an eternal apprentice.

Working in higher education, I was called to rescue that old dream of changing the world. I noticed that connecting and guiding students, providing opportunities for growth, was something that gave me great satisfaction and fulfillment.

I was also invited to take on leadership positions in the educational institution I worked, first as internship supervisor and, later, as program coordinator.

Following the natural and expected progression of an academic career in Brazil, I got a secure job at a university and a scholarship to do my doctorate abroad. But I had to choose between the two and I chose traveling.

So, I went to the United States for my doctoral studies. I will not lie. It went through many hardship and crisis, but I also lived my life fully and kept challenging myself to learn from every situation that was presented to me.

Because of my experience in academia, I decided to change my research and study ways to create interest and transformative learning through mindfulness in higher education.

After 6 years and a shift in my worldview, I graduated with a Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Transformative Learning Sciences, but saw little meaning in continuing on the academic path with the educational system as it is.

I realized that the greatest change anyone can undertake in this world is one’s own. To have the audacity to look inside for what is meaningful and have the courage to act on what makes me feel alive (that makes true sense) is radical. It goes completely against the system.

So that is what I decided to dedicate myself to: help people reconnect with their essencial nature, get clarity on what is meaningful to them, spark their inner fire to help them feel alive and purposeful again.

Today, after more than 30 year of personal contemplative practice and 20 years of formal studies and certifications, I design transformative learning journeys to bring about experiences of reconnection for my clients.

My purpose is to serve the awakening of conscious and integral beings to live purposeful and inspiring lives. My passion is to help you remember your most authentic and free nature and realign yourself with your innate healing love and creative inner force.